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1. The pink peach color wedding

by:Modern Century     2021-03-14

Like pink bride is love romantic girl, always brings a person with the colors of the peach light sweet, with such colour adornment wedding will be full of thick happiness. Whether flower art, cake, the toast covers or adornment small things, everything is so tender and inviting.

Colour collocation: different shades of pink, shallow brown, green light

2. The yellow and blue passion collisions

'Bump color' is now popular color matching method, and yellow and blue bump color is undoubtedly the most eye-catching one of the match. Bright yellow lively jump out, let the quiet of the blue also appears nifty reiki up.

Colour collocation: yellow, blue, shallow ash

3. Brown and white snow forest

If the wedding is held in in the winter, so use some winter color can better rendering winter this theme. Brown, green, white colour of these nature ably collocation, pinecone, trees, white snow these elements can let your wedding extraordinary.

Colour is tie-in, white, green, brown, brown

4. The quiet of the blue wedding

Light blue wedding can always bring a person pure and fresh and elegant feeling. If you are a like quiet bride, so this dopey voice is very suitable for you. Blue and white is cold tonal, can bring fresh and cool feeling it, also can make the space appears more open, like lively festival of new careful have the colour.

Colour collocation: white, black, brown, blue

5. Golden pink build

The gold and pink belong to warm color department, ably collocation are together, can let the wedding to make people feel very warm and comfortable, if in the wedding place cannot provide natural lighting, use this kind of color can feel the layout of environment appears compact and warm. Pink is tender color, also represents girl pursuit of romantic feelings. Gold is luxuriant and expensive gas, these two kinds of colour collocation, make the dream princess temperament.

Colour collocation: pink, brown, brown, shallow ash

6. High grey alternative wedding color

With gray for wedding theme color is very, very rare, the average people like warmth, festive colors. But if used correctly, the gray can also create another sort of flavor, make your wedding personality, extraordinary.

Colour collocation: white, light brown, shallow brown, shallow gray

7. The forest is pure and fresh and green

Like nature of pure and fresh, so green outdoor wedding can satisfy your needs. With bouncing, fresh green decorate the table, ceremony area, with wooden chair of mensal, eat, again with a white gauze, the adornment such as BaiChou, spring in the harmonious and perfect colour collocation.

Colour collocation: green, deep brown, shallow ash, white, lilac

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