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A beautiful garden needs such garden furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-07-31
Summer is finally here, and the sultry weather makes people eager to feel some coolness. In this kind of weather, plant lively plants in the backyard or small garden, and then put a set of rustic wooden tables and chairs or exquisite iron furniture to enjoy the coolness; or prepare carefully selected tableware under the awning in the courtyard and make a small one. Friends gatherings, etc., are all comfortable choices in summer. In order to enjoy this natural and relaxing feeling, in the courtyard design, we must learn to plan a limited area and use outdoor furniture, planters, flower stands, swing chairs, fences and other elements to create a warm, comfortable, natural and harmonious atmosphere. Using plants to create a good place to enjoy the cool is undoubtedly the best choice in this season. The green garden itself can give people a visually relaxing feeling. Let plants climb freely, they are the most natural outdoor living decoration. When the summer sun pours down, a mottled 'oxygen space' is formed, and the courtyard for enjoying the cool light is born with rattan chairs, wrought iron dining tables, and log stools. The original outdoor furniture can be unveiled at this time! Paired with tablecloths and cushions with rich colors and patterns, the atmosphere of the cool-in space instantly jumps up. The big tree in the courtyard is the protagonist of summer, and the open branches are the cool shade. In the sleepy afternoon, breathe with the trees and enter the bright dreamland. Inviting the potted plants to the yard one by one is a good time to set up a 'green party'. Use different plants to make the yard lively, so that enjoying the coolness becomes a fun and beautiful thing. The light and shadow under the sun change constantly with the breeze. Such a romantic and beautiful time is an irreplaceable summer style.
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