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A bistro is a small, personal dining area that

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Either way, the original meaning of the term bistro has been expanded to include modern bistro restaurants that server many customers, and certain types of dining room furniture that are of a certain style. A bistro table, for example, is usually smaller in size then its dining room counterparts and usually has a distinct old world style that fit's its diminutive nature. These styles of bistro table and stool sets lend themselves beautifully to smaller dining spaces and breakfast areas. While there are several heights that will work for a bistro table, they are usually around thirty six inches tall. It is common to place pub type stools around a bistro table as they fit the style.

A derivative of the bistro table is the bar table. Bar tables are usually higher then bistro tables and will usually average thirty nine to forty one inches high. A bar table utilizes relatively taller bar stools as well, usually averaging thirty inches tall. For most people, the term bistro and bar table can be used interchangeably. That is alright since the style of both tables has a tendency to blend into each other. The roots of both styles share the same small, cozy atmosphere you would fine in a smaller cafi or pub.

If you are in the market for a bistro or bar table you have many choices as the style is quite popular and you should be able to find several examples in your local furniture store and online. As with choosing any dining table, you need to find the balance between functionality and price. You can find used, higher quality bistro tables through web sites like Ebay and Craigslist. Finding an older, high quality, well maintained table can actually bring a small space alive as the character of a used bistro can add charm to just about any environment.

When deciding on a bistro or bar table to purchase, do not overlook the stools. Choosing the right stool is as important to the table itself. The stools must be the appropriate height, fit the dicor of the room and the table, be rigid and well built to last a long time, and most importantly, be comfortable. If at all possible it is better to purchase a bistro table with a matching set of stools at the same time. Unfortunately, this will not always be possible, so you may have to spend some time hunting around looking for a set of stools you can live with. The search will be well worth the time when you are enjoying your new table and stool set in your home.

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