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A brief introduction to rattan lights

by:Modern Century     2021-09-19
According to Dongguan Modern Century Rattan Chair Factory, the rattan lamp is a kind of lamp made of natural plant rattan. Generally, chandeliers are mainly used, but there are also other types of lamps such as table lamps. The rattan lamp is exquisite in shape and has a strong sense of art, which is very suitable for home decoration and practical.   Rattan lamp takes environmental protection design as its purpose, advocates simple and natural life, perfectly combines comfort and environmental protection, and brings a modern home style with pastoral style. The natural plant rattan is naturally environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, and has the effect of calming one's nerves; and the style of the rattan lamp is exquisite, noble and elegant, and brings out an extraordinary temperament. The    rattan lamp uses wild rattan as its material to boldly express the desire to get close to nature, allowing people to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life temporarily, and to cut out a quiet place at home and get in close contact with nature. The owner of the rattan lamp can recall the relaxed and leisurely life fragments in the simple and natural atmosphere created by the rattan lamp, and naturally indulge in the vine scenery, vine fragrance, vine love, and vine meaning. Rattan weaving generally goes through more than a dozen processes such as rattan (cutting the knots on the rattan), picking rattan, washing rattan, drying rattan, twisting rattan, pulling rattan (planing rattan), cutting rattan, bleaching, dyeing, weaving, painting, etc. . Rattan weaving is mainly based on rattan branches, rattan core or bamboo, and then woven with rattan bark or young rattan core, giving full play to the characteristics of the rattan's softness and resistance to breaking.   In terms of color, most of them use the light yellow of the original rattan, or processed and bleached into white or ivory, which is soft and elegant, and some are matched with brown, brown, etc. The rattan furniture is framed by thick rattan, which is nailed and woven with rattan bark and rattan core, and finally painted or colored.
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