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A home looks brighter and homey when it is stuffed

by:Modern Century     2021-03-15

Here are 10 suggestions on How to Buy Furniture that you won't regret later on:

1. Set a budget for the purchase. It doesn't make sense to allot the same kind of funds you set aside for a car for a furniture purchase. If you do, you are likely to spend more than you should for a piece of furniture. By pegging the budget you will spend, there's more motivation for you to find a good buy at less cost.

2. Inspect the furniture. Make sure the materials built into the furniture you aim to buy are neat and strong and of good quality. Shake the joints to see if it can withstand pressures. Examine the frame, cushions and spring systems. If the furniture is upholstered, run your hand for any break on the surface.

3.Try it for size. Spend some time with the in-store inspection by actually using the furniture. If you are buying a bed and mattress, for example, ask permission from the store attendant for you to lie on the bed. Then make as if you're on your own bed, rolling over and shifting positions and feeling for any squeak. Any undesirable sound that the bed and mattress give out speaks of poor craftsmanship.

4. Look for strong materials. Whether the furniture is a bed, chair or table, it is always wise to go for furniture whose frame is made from metal and hardwood. If you want longer lasting use for your furniture, avoid many of the furniture available today whose parts are held together by particle boards.

5. Know the different types of furniture. Each type of furniture commands a different price. For example, beds come as a four-poster, a canopy or a sleigh bed. They differ in prices because one has tall posts, another has headboard and footboard.

6. Choose according to your need. Resist the temptation to splurge by buying furniture that's too grand for its intended place. You don't really need a luxurious queen-sized bed if the floor area of your bedroom is not as big. If you buy anything bigger than a matrimonial bed, it will only make your bedroom look cramped and stuffy.

7. Think of floor space. When buying furniture, keep in mind the space it will occupy in your house. You wouldn't want furniture pieces that pretty much occupy the room they were intended for.

8. Check the wood. It is important to check the quality of the wood used in such furniture as living room and dining sets. The condition of the wood can be seen underneath the tables or chairs where it is not masked by the varnishing.

9. Know the genuine leather. There is genuine leather and synthetic leather. It pays to recognize the genuine leather from the fake one if you're in the market for upholstery. The rule of thumb here is to take a sales person's pitch with a grain of salt. In the case of a sofa, you can tell if the leather is genuine by looking at its base or under, where the surface looks different.

10. Inquire about the warranty. You will hold household expenses if you buy furniture that is replaced if it breaks apart within a certain period. The longer the warranty, the better its quality since furniture shop dealers are confident their products are durable.

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