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A rattan basket hanging chair with warm embrace and emotional value

by:Modern Century     2021-07-25
Looking at the hanging baskets from the Internet, they are all engineering hanging baskets. Only workers can use the hanging baskets. Today we introduce a hanging basket woven with rattan. Although it cannot be used in engineering, it can be placed anywhere inside and outside the house. Hanging basket. The design inspiration of the rattan basket: 'Swallows Return to the Nest' triggered the excitement of Modern Century's leisure furniture design. The small bird's nest basket touched people's desire to go home. Only home is our soul's harbor. Another design concept of the QQ hanging basket: the frog prince derived from the story of 'The Grimm's Fairy Tales'. The designer retains the frog prince’s smart eyes and strong feet. Through the smart hands of the rattan craftsman, the wicker chair becomes An aesthetic emotional value, giving people a sense of safety and reliability. Every time I sit in the hanging basket, I feel special warmth, playing unscrupulously, and the space is huge. Like when I was a child, I was in the arms of my mother, who can tolerate everything. The hanging basket is woven and tied by hand by old rattan craftsmen for more than ten years. Firm and smooth. At home, we need to clean up a little bit with our own hands, so that we can make the home warm; family, be warm, simple and fresh. Talent family and everything is prosperous. Imported environmentally friendly rattan, imported 12MM round rattan passed the SGS inspection agency sun protection, anti-corrosion, anti-aging Xingning detection performance testing, smooth and delicate surface, high strength, good toughness, long life, easy to clean and other advantages. Gray khaki rattan is casual and versatile, fresh and natural, elegant and intellectual. The seat cushion is made of imported fabric, breathable and waterproof, delicate and skin-friendly, and does not hurt the skin of children. It is available in a variety of colors and has a two-layer non-woven cover to fix it. The filling will not easily fall off. It is filled with doll cotton, which has good resilience, safe and practical. The pole has a diameter of 48mm and a wall thickness of 3mm, which can bear a weight of 300 kg. The chassis adopts a multi-triangular composite structure, which will not deform and roll over under abnormal external forces. The elastic steel pole and the chassis have undergone electrophoresis, electrostatic spraying, and high-temperature paint. They will not encounter bumps. Paint will fall off easily. This hanging basket can be placed in the living room, balcony, terrace, courtyard, garden and other leisure places. Fully reflects the good taste of leisure life.
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