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After you apply the 'Alter Table' T-SQL or Transaction-SQL

by:Modern Century     2021-03-17

It is the critical situation of SQL Server database corruption that requires being resolved as soon as possible.How to fix itYou can resolve the issue only by repairing the damaged database. You can repair the database of MDF file by using the SQL Recovery software. SQL recovery are the third party applications designed for MDF repair in all critical situations of MDF corruption.MDF recovery software are fairly easy to use and the&nbs;SQL repair can be carried out by user itself without having any sound technical knowledge. The effective SQL recovery software can perform complete MDF repair and the else case can worse the scenario.Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery is the best ever made and easy to use SQL recovery software that is applicable in each case of MDF corruption. Using this MDF repair software, you can repair and restore all of the SQL server objects such as tables, reports, macros, stored procedures, user defined data types, defaults and many others.

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