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Afternoon in Provence-solid wood rattan sofa and chair

by:Modern Century     2021-09-22
Let nature return to nature-solid wood rattan sofa chair. The hustle and bustle of the city is inseparable from the busyness all day long. After learning the design concept of Pierre's lounge chair, the designer of rattan furniture made this solid wood frame with an exquisite rattan chair with the help of popular materials and elements of today's furniture. When natural elements are applied to the daily life of the family. Numerous complex and cumbersome life folds will be properly ironed out. Rattan is more skin-friendly than wood. Air permeability and lightness are irreplaceable by wood materials. Sitting on it is like entering the summer of Provence, South France. Straw hat, camisole, sandals, and soft sunlight, everything is just right. The backrest and sitting surface of the rattan sofa chair are made from Indonesia, using the rattan weaving craftsmanship of the hexagonal eyeglass. The four corners are rounded to ensure beauty and practicality. The main body of the sofa chair is made of imported cherry solid wood from North America, with mild wood color, clear texture and hard texture. The joint of the chair adopts the Luban wisdom in the traditional Chinese construction process-the tenon and tenon process. The appearance is smooth, natural and beautiful, and it can solve the problems of wood deformation and shrinkage. The height and width of the armrest conform to the ergonomic design, so that you can get real relaxation and comfort when using it. The chair legs adopt a triangular support structure recognized by the mechanics field. The endurance is stronger, and the stability is stronger. Wicker chair factory direct sales
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