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Balcony furniture, one of the essentials for enjoying the leisure life on the balcony

by:Modern Century     2021-07-27
Nowadays, the houses we live in are getting taller and taller, and the balcony design has developed into a community or building standard configuration. All readers and friends like to put some traditional furniture on the balcony. People pursue a high-quality life and pay attention to enjoyment. Whether it is a large or small balcony, drying clothes is not so simple. When the family has enough storage space, many people will look at the balcony, such as turning the balcony into a small garden or dressing up as a leisure area. If we build it into a leisure area, there will be tables and chairs. We all know that a well-lit balcony can easily get wet by wind and rain. How to choose balcony furniture? Balcony furniture is easily affected by wind, sunlight and rain, so the choice of materials is different from general room furniture. Generally speaking, wooden balcony furniture is people's first choice, but the best way to choose wood with high oil content, such as teak, can effectively prevent the wood from cracking due to expansion and loosening. Those who like metal materials should use aluminum balcony furniture, which is painted and waterproof to withstand outdoor wind and rain. Rattan furniture is easy to write, but care must be taken to maintain it and wipe it clean after the rain. Rattan or plastic tables and chairs with umbrellas or roof gardens on large garden terraces, while iron tables and chairs in continental European style villas are preferred.
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