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Bamboo and rattan furniture manufacturing process and characteristics

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
Bamboo and rattan furniture is made of natural materials, with natural texture and natural and simple feeling, especially in summer, it is refreshing and cool to sit up, so it is necessary for us to understand the manufacturing process of bamboo and rattan furniture.
Characteristics of bamboo and rattan furniture
Bamboo and rattan are the same natural materials as wood. The bamboo is hard and strong. The surface of the rattan is smooth, tough, flexible, soft and elegant. Bamboo or rattan can be used alone or in combination with wood, metal and other materials.
Bamboo and rattan furniture has a fresh and natural rustic flavor. The shape of bamboo and rattan furniture is smooth and delicate, can make a variety of beautiful bends, and can maintain the natural shape of hollow and section, light and elegant, with a certain sense of rhythm and rhythm. The bamboo furniture is rich in natural texture, giving people a sense of elegance, freshness, simplicity and elegance, with a strong and cordial rustic flavor. The rattan furniture is natural and comfortable, full of lively, warm, fresh and elegant taste, and rich in pastoral colors.
Bamboo and rattan furniture is ecological and environmentally friendly, and it is truly green furniture. The materials used in bamboo and rattan furniture are fast-growing natural materials, with a fast growth cycle, early production, high yield, and bamboo can be recycled after being felled. Therefore, the development and utilization of bamboo and rattan in modern furniture conforms to the principles of ecological thinking. They will not produce harmful substances in the process of processing, bamboo uses special glue on the bonding, this glue will not produce harmful formaldehyde to the human body. Therefore, furniture produced with bamboo and rattan as raw materials will not produce harmful substances in the room environment.
The craftsmanship of bamboo and rattan furniture is exquisite. Compared with the full mechanization of wooden furniture manufacturing, the production of bamboo and rattan furniture is still dominated by handicrafts. The craftsmanship of bamboo and rattan furniture is mainly made by bending bamboo and rattan, and the combination of 'drumpattern. The craftsmen have made meticulous work and experienced the absorption and refinement of the skilled craftsmen of the past generations, and gradually formed a set of weaving patterns with delicate lines and delicate and generous composition. The craftsmanship is extremely delicate and unique.
The manufacturing process of bamboo and rattan furniture
The manufacturing process of bamboo and rattan furniture generally includes the preparation of rattan materials, such as rattan cutting, splitting, splitting of rattan core, and surface layer weaving; next is rattan material processing and treatment technology, skeleton manufacturing technology , And the weaving process of rattan furniture, and finally the surface decoration process of rattan furniture. If it is plastic rattan furniture, it includes the metal frame manufacturing process and weaving process.
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