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by:Modern Century     2021-03-16

When deciding whether to purchase a stationary massage table or a portable table, there are various advantages on which stationary massage table scores over other tables which are listed below:

Greater endurance

As stationary massage tables don't have to always be folded and moved at all times, they are often constructed from stronger components, making them stronger compared to foldable type. The biggest benefit from the stationary table is that it doesn't need a hinge in the middle which is certainly necessary for foldable type. The hinge is usually the weakest link in the massage table and this is where the majority of breaks take place if the table is subjected to a heavy stress.

Ability to put up with greater body weight

Suppliers go with strong and good quality elements for the leg construction on most stationary massage tables as they are not required to follow any kind of weight limits for transportability. Most of these tables are, therefore, able to withstand heavier weights. It is a particular edge in case the customer has got a large build, allowing it to help put the client comfy. A good number of heavy built customers find that it's more difficult to unwind on portable massage tables that seem to be cheap and not capable of enduring the their weight.

Maximum operating space

Stationary massage tables are generally used in spaces which have been dedicated for spa or massage use. Hence, they normally are purposely designed into the layout of the space, allowing for probably the most optimal use of the table and space around it. Furthermore, several stationary massage tables come designed with a full length lower storage area shelf for towels, creams along with other massage products, therefore freeing up space inside the room.


Stationary tables can weigh between 150 to 200 pounds more than the portable variety, due to the heavier materials that are generally used in their development. Since they are not designed to be shifted frequently, they cannot come with wheels or castors. As a result them far more stable and much less prone to movement, which is an added advantage, especially when servicing well-built clientele. Numerous large built clienteles actually feel uncomfortable on portable tables which are often wobbly, nor have the firmness of stationary types.

Comfortable and stylish

Tables like Classico BodyChoice, a comfortable stationary massage table, are built for minimal transportability, they are generally extra elegant in their appearance and feel. A lot of stationary tables will include thickly cushioned upholstery which has a vinyl covering, which happens to be sleek and high quality looking. The soft padding makes it incredibly comforting to your client to fully stretch on. A superior quality massage table can also come designed with additional extra accessories just like adjustable, cushioned arm rests, face holes, warmers and headrests. These alternatives provide sense of comfort and professionalism that could be oftentimes missing from a more simply designed portable table.

A lot of recognized massage practitioners will most likely be interested in only high quality stationary tables for a dedicated spa or beauty salon location, providing the customer feeling of ease and faith in the expertise of a therapist to offer them a far vital, relaxing massage. Massage tables are undoubtedly the most vital tool of the massage practice for any therapist and can emerge as determining factor in helping you to build a repertoire of customers who keep coming back for more.

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