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Cast aluminum tables and chairs, the first choice for garden furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-07-20
With the improvement of people's living standards, the way of leisure and entertainment is gradually changing. They are no longer satisfied with indoor leisure, but start to go outdoors. This is how outdoor leisure was born. Outdoor leisure generally chooses their own courtyard and courtyard leisure. Life is getting hotter. Courtyard leisure can not only breathe the fresh air of nature, but also increase the relationship between family members. As the main facility of courtyard leisure, outdoor furniture has also grown with the development of outdoor leisure. In the purchase of outdoor furniture, the most durable and anti-corrosive is the best choice. Cast aluminum tables and chairs in the casting series are also known as the most durable outdoor furniture. Nowadays, villas and self-built small houses are not uncommon in urban and rural areas. Usually, villas and houses have courtyards and small gardens. Set up leisure tables and chairs in the courtyard, where you can enjoy the freshness of the outdoors and drink afternoon tea in your free time. Today we will introduce the various cast aluminum tables and chairs of Modern Century. First: Matador square cast aluminum table and chair. This cast aluminum table and chair uses the design element of horns at the top corner of the backrest of the chair. It incorporates the bravery and fearless spirit of the Spanish bullfighter and is highly respected by consumers. And love. This chair is made of die-casting. The surface of the table and chair has good surface finish. Each chair has high precision in processing dimensions, and has higher strength and hardness than ordinary sand casting. Simple, elegant and noble, the combination of modern casting technology and manual craftsmanship represents the top casting technology of leisure furniture. It does not fade when placed outdoors all the year round, resistant to acid rain and salt spray. The structure is strong and compressive, has certain elasticity, can withstand heavy pressure, and is not easy to fall and damage. Of course, such durable tables and chairs are indispensable for courtyard life. For those who are usually busy with work and shuttle between the hustle and bustle of the city, they have forgotten how to enjoy life. In the leisure time on weekends, barbecue with family or friends in their own courtyard is One of the good choices of leisure furniture. Second: A deep feeling of love. Aluminum mesh table and chair. This cast aluminum table and chair is a transparent artistic sense presented by wrought iron mesh furniture, wear-resistant, durable, smooth, and easy to maintain, making it an indispensable element of modern outdoor leisure. . There is a specially designed umbrella hole in the middle of the table, matched with a central pillar umbrella, placed in the courtyard, it is very beautiful. With a parasol, a set of tables and chairs, and a bottle of red wine outside, in this romantic holiday, being with your lover is so peaceful and leisurely. For more cast aluminum tables and chairs, please pay attention to Modern Century outdoor leisure furniture.
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