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Charles and Ray Eames turned their curiosity into

by:Modern Century     2021-03-29

Eames office chairs, are available in different color and size. Chairs of this brand are made of high quality raw material. The main features of such chairs are high quality aluminum feet and frame with an OKTG base. They use Korean spring tube and they market their product in UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Poland, Denmark and Italy. The Eames aluminum executive chairs are inspired by Charles Eames. This chair would be a great piece for working and dining. Initially the executive chairs were used as outdoor furniture for residence and later on they started designing chairs that were light weight and can also move from indoor to out. Eames started experimenting with aluminum that was strong enough to withstand the elements.

They constructed light weight corrosion resistant frame which was wrapped in a sling that provide extra comfort to body shape. The height can be adjusted and high quality Italian leather is used to make the sitting area or surface. Italian Classics direct is one of the leading manufactures specialized in producing Eames office chair. They provide their clients stylish and designer furniture with a modern touch. Tulip chairs looks different in style and color and these chairs can be used in your office to welcome your guests. It provides a different feel in your office. This chair is aluminum swivel based with leather coverings. Eames soft pad chairs are available in different color, material and base that can be used in homes as well as offices.Such chairs are sophisticated with a graceful silhouette. Eames soft pad are designed with high quality seating's. Some of their designs have classic and contemporary touch. Most of their chairs are suitable for all kind of places. New leather color finish with 4 star bases specially created soft pad chairs are a good product for both dining and work space.

There is greater demand for these branded luxurious chairs that can be used both in homes and offices. These chairs bear Eames stamp and most of their designs are outstanding with extra comfort. They are famous for using good material and making pieces which is strong, lightweight and easy to move.

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