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Choose the right outdoor furniture, even the small balcony can become a good place for leisure life

by:Modern Century     2021-07-29
The balcony is basically the space of every family. Whether it is closed or open, they can bring comfort to the living room. Even a small balcony, as long as appropriate outdoor leisure furniture is placed, you can create a holiday atmosphere like a leisure life, feel the charm of nature on the balcony, and let the soul feel the beauty of nature. Outdoor leisure furniture is the first choice for balconies, courtyards and other space furniture. Because of the existence of these outdoor furniture, these spaces have a more unique charm. Outdoor furniture, such as outdoor leisure tables and chairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor VIP rooms, etc., can allow people to enjoy life quietly. Choose suitable outdoor furniture, no matter how small the balcony is, it can be a good place to relax and live. 1. Rattan furniture on the balcony In a small outdoor space with a balcony, some outdoor leisure furniture is suitable, such as the rattan tables and chairs placed on the outdoor balcony in the picture above. A table and four chairs make up this simple lounge. It can be seen that rattan furniture made of black rattan has excellent water resistance, sun protection and crack resistance as a whole. Even if it is placed outdoors for a long time, it will not affect its service life. The balcony floor adopts anticorrosive wood floor. At the same time, the exterior wall tiles designed on the balcony wall are very simple and natural, echoing the natural leisure of the entire balcony. The corners of the balcony are decorated in nature, and the rattan table is decorated with flowers and vases, making the design of the open balcony look particularly vibrant. A very classic outdoor lamp is placed on this balcony, adding a sense of leisure and comfort to the outdoor space. Sitting on this wicker chair, looking at the natural scenery outside the balcony, you can feel the beauty of leisure life. 2. Enclosed balcony casting tables and chairs Even if it is a closed small balcony, you can enjoy holiday-like life by placing outdoor furniture. The simple enclosed balcony design from floor to ceiling in the picture is a corner space. The floor-to-ceiling design provides panoramic views from two directions. The leisure furniture placed in this space is like a completely open balcony, which makes people feel comfortable. Two simple cast chairs and an iron round table are a comfortable lounge space. The design of the backrest of the solid wood chair is very individual. The hollow bar design makes the recliner more comfortable. At the same time, the soft fabric cushion design makes the sitting posture softer and warmer. The natural flowers on the round table echo with the outdoor scenery, as if to confirm the beauty of life. 3. Outdoor hanging basket furniture The outdoor space on the roof terrace is a very small outdoor balcony. The guardrail design is relatively low. The fence is made of bamboo and acts as a partition wall. At the same time, the unique natural charm of bamboo also makes the balcony more comfortable. In the recesses of the balcony, place solid wood flower stand furniture, and place some natural plants and flowers on the flower stand to make the balcony have a garden effect. The outdoor hanging basket is placed to make the balcony have a leisure function. The hanging basket is made of rattan, so that the outdoor furniture has the functions of sun protection and water resistance. The unique semicircular hanging chair frame design makes your sitting posture more comfortable. The decoration and furnishings of outdoor furniture, even a small balcony space, can make you live a beautiful holiday and leisure life like in a five-star hotel.
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