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Choosing outdoor furniture needs to pass the anti-corrosion

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
?Balconies and home gardens are the most sunny spaces in the home, bringing a lot of fun to the owners. However, some outdoor furniture often cannot withstand the sun and rain, shortening the life span, and also adding a lot of troubles to the owners.

?? Phenomenon, balcony wood products are so fragile

??Ms. Qiu's home, a citizen of Nanning, was renovated in 2007, in European style, mainly in white and blue. The balcony of Ms. Qiu's home is relatively large. In order to increase storage space, she asked woodworkers to create a white wall cabinet on one side of the balcony. When the wall cabinet is just finished, it is very eye-catching. The pure white and the blue decoration in the house are full of Mediterranean style. However, the good times did not last long. Due to the wind and the sun, the wall cabinet appeared yellowish and the patent leather was cracked. In Ms. Qiu's words, 'At first glance, it looks like it was deliberately worn, but it has been worn out after a closer look. Over time, the epidermis has fallen off.'

??In some decoration sites, there are not a lot of wall cabinets on the balcony. Home improvement designer Wu Jun recently received a similar case. He told reporters: “The balcony of the owner’s home faces north. There is little chance of direct sunlight during the year, which is more conducive to outdoor woodwork. Choose a location inside the house. , Try to avoid the wind and sun.” When making cabinets outdoors, the color will fade easily over a long period of time, so the industry should be psychologically prepared. Using dark-colored plates, once the color fades, it will not affect the appearance too much. 'We suggest that she use the cabinet board to make it, waterproof and high temperature resistant, not easy to deform.'

??Misunderstanding thinking that rattan furniture can be placed outdoors for a long time

'I always thought that rattan furniture could be placed outdoors, so when I was decorating, I bought a set of leisure rattan tables and chairs and placed them on the leisure balcony. However, it didn't take long for this set of rattan furniture to often ' After checking it, I found that it was worms. The more I thought about it, the more disgusting, I had to throw it away after less than half a year.' Now, Miss Xu, a Nanning citizen, thinks of that set of rattan and wood furniture, and still feels a bit pity.

??A few days ago, some leisure furniture, such as hanging baskets and rocking chairs, are made of rattan and fabric. Many owners believe that they can be placed outdoors, but this is not the case. In some outdoor furniture stores, the reporter saw some imitation rattan furniture, in fact they are made of plastic. According to a store clerk, these rattan-like furniture can be placed outdoors, with a life span of seven or eight years, and can withstand the test of sunlight, wind and rain better than real rattan furniture.

Home improvement designer Liao Haijiang said that most of the professional outdoor furniture is made of plastic, stone, and iron. Solid wood and rattan furniture are not completely outdoor. They are treated with anti-corrosion, painted with moisture-proof paint, or soaked and cured with antiseptic. Furniture can also be placed outdoors. 'In fact, some leisure furniture can be moved indoors when not in use, which is a workaround.' He suggested that it is best to buy outdoor furniture in foldable styles for easy storage.

??Design Use film to block sunlight

??Mr. Yang, whose home is in Qingxiu District, Nanning City, the new home is a split-level on the top floor. He designed the balcony of his home as a study room with a glass roof. He said: 'When you are at the desk at night, you can see the stars and the moon as soon as you look up. It feels good. In order to prevent the glass canopy from turning into a hot and stuffy ‘greenhouse’, the designer suggests putting a reflective film on the glass surface.'

Li Lin, the designer in charge of the design of Mr. Yang’s new home, said that the reflective film of Mr. Yang’s study is a new building material in recent years. Its function is equivalent to that of a car film. The film used in Mr. Yang’s new house is more expensive, but the effect will be better. It will be too hot, but the sun can also let in.

'If the balcony is large enough and the property is allowed to be sealed, many owners still prefer to build a glass canopy. This way, outdoor furniture can be protected to a certain extent. Although the sun is still strong, it can at least prevent rain.' Teacher Liao Haijiang said.
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