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Creativity is the embodiment of human wisdom,

by:Modern Century     2021-03-15

Creativity is everywhere. In this promoting environmental protection era, some inconspicuous or scrap things of our daily lives will become alive through the ingenuity of the designer's creativity. You may think no matter how cleverly designed, that waste things are not 'glamorous', and it is not true. Creative things also have the same bright color, beautiful shape; take a look at how these 'waste' can turn to 'gorgeous'.

There is green outside the building, which is moss green space simulation, as if integrating in the nature and leading the natural scenery into the room, and then we can enjoy the simple beauty of the original, this is amazing! Look again. Hemp rope braided and decorations inlaid with red coral and turquoise, which reveals the low-key gorgeous retro. In addition, waste paper, ordinary rope, color stone, and small fragmented in the daily life can be built to be quite interesting decorations by the designers.

In fact, our lives are full of creativity. I believe we must have heard the Sunday newspaper Chair. It is made of tight Sunday newspaper designed by David Stow Virgin. The newspapers can be made into chairs, stools and small tables. The production methods: the hand-rolled newspapers and polypropylene belt materials together. From this product, we can know that to some waste in the eyes of people, we could re-evaluate of these wastes to find new ways to use them, rather than discarding them. If you throw the waste, they will be a burden or pollution on the environment.

Well, usually we see the finished drink, beer, mineral water bottles and so on as garbage. As a matter of fact, it has largely increased the deterioration of the environment. In order to not pollute the environment, what can we do? Israeli artist Yoav Kotik from recycled bottle caps will be made of a variety of beautiful jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, there are loved potted!

From the above, we know creative things, where is the wisdom. Why not care more and think more in our life? If so, we can make some of the whimsy into a creative design, making ourselves happy. Do not need a lot of money, a thin wire, and a few scrap of cardboard, a withered old tree stumps and so on, these little things can give you a big surprise with the simple pleasure. Besides, it will protect our environment. Why not do it?

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