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Customized outdoor furniture is still on the road

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
Several considerations for custom outdoor furniture

   outdoor furniture has also become popular for customization. Wooden house benches, bar tables and chairs, hammock swings, sofas and coffee tables, today's outdoor furniture brands can design and customize your outdoor space as a whole according to the needs of size, proportion, orientation and use efficiency.

Of course, the customization of outdoor furniture is not limited to furniture manufacturing. Many furniture brands use professional garden designers to consider the space ratio, orientation and use efficiency and other issues, and then provide consumers to purchase outdoor furniture. Suggestions for style, size and texture. For example, for a family of three, if you want to customize circular seats and tables, you should choose a size that can seat 4 to 5 people. Otherwise, it is difficult for guests to chat on the terrace when the guests come to the house; while the outdoor space with a long sunrise time is difficult to achieve. Outdoor furniture with good quality raw materials and convenient maintenance should be selected, otherwise it will accelerate the aging rate of the furniture.

  In fact, materials, craftsmanship and anti-corrosion treatment are issues that cannot be ignored. Outdoor furniture usually uses camphor pine wood as the base material. The anti-corrosion wood and surface carbonized wood have a strong structure, good load-bearing capacity, and moderate price, but they are easier to deform and crack; while the homogeneous carbonized wood undergoes high temperature heat treatment to reduce the moisture absorption and stability of the wood. High, good corrosion resistance, not easy to deform and crack, but the load-bearing performance is weakened, and the price is high.

  Experts suggest that you choose suitable materials according to your own situation. Outdoor furniture pursues nature and original ecology, and the shape is usually rough and primitive. Therefore, the shape, curvature, and corners of the furniture have become the standard of exquisiteness. If outdoor furniture wants to have a 'strong body' and 'outstanding appearance', anti-corrosion and insect-proof treatment must be in place.

  The overall planning of the courtyard and customized outdoor furniture can make the outdoor space self-contained, with its own style and personality. It is understood that Chinese, American and Japanese are the three most representative courtyard styles at present――

   Chinese style uses pavilions, rockeries, arch bridges, and running water as elements to express a paradise mood, suitable for people with larger outdoor spaces. The furniture should be based on the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the color positioning is deep, highlighting the calm atmosphere.

American style takes outdoor sofas, side tables and chairs, bar stools, hammocks, lawns, etc. as elements. Leisure and comfort and closeness to nature are the main keynotes. Large outdoor spaces can be used for sofas and side tables, and those with limited space can be used. Bar counters, bar stools and small hammocks create an atmosphere. Be sure to calculate the size and dimensions when customizing furniture.

   Japanese style uses tatami mats, gravel, residual wood, moss and other elements. Small, delicate, fresh and elegant are the artistic conceptions it wants to express most. It is most suitable for small terraces, small courtyards, and even open-air balconies. When choosing this type of furniture, it depends on whether it matches the style of the interior space.
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