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Daily care and maintenance of rattan furniture in Dongguan

by:Modern Century     2021-09-26
Modern Century introduced that many people have rattan furniture at home. Although this type of furniture is more durable and has a more beautiful appearance, if you don’t take good care of it, it will greatly reduce the service life of rattan furniture. I believe that such a set of rattan furniture Art furniture can't be bought with a little money, so at this time, nursing work will become particularly important. Here is how to take care of rattan art furniture for everyone. Avoid water and fire. When placing rattan furniture, we should stay away from fire and heat sources. At the same time, we should pay attention to that if the surrounding ground is wet, dark, and the air humidity is high, we can't put it in that place, because it takes a long time. , Rattan furniture will appear moldy and cracked. Afraid of high temperature, rattan furniture is very afraid of high temperature. Therefore, in summer, we should not expose it to the outdoors. In fact, we can also try it ourselves. For example, we use a hair dryer to blow on the rattan furniture. When the time is high, we will find discoloration or cracking in the position where the high temperature blows.  Cleaning, regular cleaning of rattan furniture is also essential. We can wipe the dust on it with a dry cloth first, and then wipe it with a wet cloth to remove most of the dust. If in the meantime we find that the upper rattan has fallen off, we should continue to stick it on with glue. Wiping method, when rattan furniture needs to be wiped, we try to wipe it with light salt water, because normally, light salt water can not only easily remove the dirt on the rattan furniture, but also repel the insects in the rattan. The effect is that the rattan can maintain its flexibility, and it can also prevent insects in the later stage. The effect is still very large. Refurbishment method. After we have used rattan furniture for a period of time, we may find that it is darker and not as good as before. At this time, we need to refurbish in time. The specific method is to wipe the dust with light soapy water. And then use sandpaper to polish it, and finally we can add a layer of oil to the surface of the rattan furniture to restore it to the original.   Anti-mouse. Finally, we have to find a way to prevent rats from biting our rattan furniture. The normal way is to sprinkle pepper. If there are relatively more worms or cockroaches, then we use mothballs to drive them away. In short, these pests must not bite our rattan furniture.
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