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Decorating your house is an overwhelming experience

by:Modern Century     2021-03-23

Even a small alteration can bring a fresh life to your rooms. Do bear in mind, house improvement not always means spending a large chunk of money instead it is all about being creative with innovative ideas. There is lot of variation to explore even in small items like pillow.

Take an example of patchwork pillows, patchwork is ancient form of quilting. In this art form we align the fabric into the squares. A single piece of normal sized pillow requires 25 squares. Generally, vivid colored fabric is used for each square. It is perfect accessory to be used on sofa, dining and rest chairs and many more. A Suzani pillow is yet another exciting option for your seating furniture. Typically, it is a Persian art form; Suzan means needle and suzani, needlework. Suzani is used in embroidered decorative textiles of Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Suzani is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. This beautiful embroidery is seen almost everywhere. Well, if you do not like aforementioned for the pillows then try exploring Crewel Work. It is types of fabric available different shades and colors. It is a beautiful embroidery form that can bring out fancy designs to any fabric. It is used on various items like curtains, tapestries, cushions and many more.

Pouf is another edition in the list of home decorative accessories. It is a form of extra seating other than normal chairs. There is whole range of poufs available in market, like Velvet, traditional Indian and bohemian poufs, modern design etc. In addition, you can also try vintage collection of handcrafted poufs. It is a perfect accessory to decorate your drawing room apart from regular sofa arrangement. In fact, you can use them in your living room, drawing room, kids' room or in the lobby area. Generally, these are not huge in size so do not occupy much of the place. Sometimes, you can use them as garden chairs as well. But be careful these are made from fabric, so will get dirty easily, if use them in open area for long.

Furthermore, yet another exciting embroidery pattern is Kantha work. This form of embroidery can be used on any type of fabric. Numerous items are prepared using this, like floor cushion, floor cushion made of vintage kantha saree. Kantha work can be used with variety of colors and patterns. It can also be used on throw pillows, bedspread and throw. You can find them in standard bedding sizes. You will find a nice collection of embroidery on the bed spreads. These beautifully adorned bed sheets will definitely improve your living room.

Revamping your home with unique home decor accessories is not new concept. However, you need to be extremely wise and creative when it comes to house decorations. Apart from home decorative items, wholesale designer hand bags, is yet another useful item for everybody. In fact, it is much in demand by the college students. Owing to the large collection of colorful handbags, they can match it with their regular dresses as well. It is an impressive replacement for an ordinary leather bags. In addition, purchasing a leather bag, especially the branded ones could be a costly affair sometime. Whereas, fabric made hand bag is a cheaper option, you buy them in a wholesale rate as well.

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