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Dental chair is the indispensable basic equipment

by:Modern Century     2021-03-28

Near these years, more and more dental clinical opened, the unit as the main equipment in dental clinical and dentistry hospital, it's good or bad can directly affect the treatment level. So, from here we are special to introduce some experiences to purchase.

1, the basic method to select a dental chair

A, the price is the first factor should consider, how to make sure the quality but spend little money.

First, depends on how much you expect volume, if it is small, and the expected budget is small, so I suggest you buying conditions of the hydraulic controlled equipment for dentist, the price of the unit low but durability is poor. If it is a business good dental clinical, you can main consideration electric one.

European production is primarily motor control chair action, open the seat can see the controlled back of the chair motor. So, when you expect business big, should as far as possible choose this equipment, it is more durable but price is high.

Actually, now more and more dentistry clinical chose the electronic dental chair for the main equipment of dentistry.

B, after chose the dental unit, looks which configuration isn't adapt to you. Maybe some product isn't needed for you.

C, identify the good or bad quality of the unit as following:

First, watch the appearance of the machine to check the shell junction whether combine closely, if gap is very big, the quality is not passed.

Second, take a look at the surface of metal parts and machining accuracy, the metal parts mainly refers to the three spray guns and dental hand piece, if they are very rough, that quality is bad. Finally, open the shell to observe chair position control of the heart: motor or pump.

For a clinical you should know this knowledge from here. It will help you save much money. Also you will get a suitable dental chair.

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