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Different eyes, different wicker chairs

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
How to better see the quality of the wicker chair at a glance.
1. Use eyes: the quality of rattan chairs is directly related to the quality of rattan leather, so the quality of rattan leather must first be identified. The surface of good rattan bark is smooth and shiny, and the color is basically the same, without black or gray spots, and the color is beige. If the wicker chair just bought is dark yellow, it means that the wicker chair is out of date (on the premise that the surface is not painted). Because the wicker chair will naturally become darker yellow after being used for a period of time. There are black or gray spots on the surface of the rattan bark, indicating that the rattan bark is damp and moldy, which is easy to break. The rattan bark is wrinkled in the longitudinal direction. This rattan bark is non-tough and brittle.
However, most of the wicker chairs are now painted on the surface, so it is not enough to use your eyes alone, you need to use your hands to help identify.
2. Hands-on: To identify whether the rattan bark is tough, you can pinch hard on the rattan bark with your fingernails. A good rattan bark will not break. With a good rattan leather, it's time to look at the workmanship of the rattan chair. Touch the front of the wicker chair with your hand to see if you will pierce your hands. The wicker chair is woven with rattan bark, and there will be joints naturally. The joint is a dead knot so it is difficult to fall off and fall apart.
3. Measuring ruler: Because the rattan chair is made by hand, the size has deviation. The normal deviation should be less than 2cm. Choose a wicker chair. Fortunately, it is better to choose a larger size, because it is conducive to activities, especially for the elderly to choose a wicker chair. You should choose a high backrest and wide armrests. The elderly can sit for a long time. Reliable head. Sitting for a long time does not feel tired.
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