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Do you have kids who love Hockey? Do you already

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Hockey Party Invitations:

Print invitations with lots of hockey clip arts and you can have some great slogans on the invitations such as We Are the Champions, and The Puck Stops Here. Or you can write out your invitation in a cut out of a hockey stick to make things really fun.

Also make sure you tell your guests show up in their favorite team's hockey jerseys. You can even have the adults who are helping with the party dress up in black and white striped referee shirts with whistles to really keep up with the Air Hockey Table party.

Hockey Party Decorations:

Decorations for a hockey themed party can be on whatever budget you want. If your family or child is a huge fan of a certain team, then you can buy napkins, table cloths, streamers, and plates with their favorite team on it. However, if you are on a budget you can use some items you have around the house to decorate the food table like a hockey helmet or a hockey puck.

You can have fun with your child printing our pictures of their favorite team or air hockey table action shots to put around the room. Of course your Air Hockey Table will be center stage! You can even create a penalty box area in the room for some fun.

Make sure a large poster board is placed on the wall near your Air Hockey Table for the tournament schedule so children know when they will be playing in the Air Hockey Table Tournament. The board should be used to keep the playing schedule and also score of the games.

Introduction Activities:

To really make your guests feel like athletes you can set up a picture area when they show up with air Hockey props such as hockey sticks and helmets. You can have each child get their picture taken as if they are having their picture taken for a sports trading card. These pictures can be given at the end of the party, given with thank you cards for gifts, or shared online with other party guests.

At the end of the party you might also want to have a team picture taken of all the guests in their hockey jerseys. This can also be given to everyone as a memory of the party or just a memory for your child's party.

Air Hockey Party Food and Beverages:

Sports foods should be easy and fun to sever just like you are going to the concession stand at the game. Having easy finger food that can be purchased frozen and just cooked in the oven or even made from scratch to keep costs down. You can purchase prepared bagel pizzas, wings, and chicken nuggets to throw in the over and then have them ready when the guests arrive. Or you can prepare the items from scratch and even as another activity have the kids make their own English muffin pizza to enjoy. Then other easy snack foods such as chips, pretzels, and popcorn can be served alongside the hot treats. Just make sure the kids hands are clean to play in the Air Hockey Table Tournament.

As far as beverages, you can stick with the hockey theme and just serve water and Gatorade or you can purchase juice or soda for the party. For desert if you would like to get more creative you can make gingerbread or sugar cookies in the shape of hockey sticks. Your hockey stick cookies can be served with an Oreo cookie as a hockey puck or you can make your own hockey puck cookie.

Air Hockey Party Games and Activities:

So your Air Hockey Table will be the center of attention for the evening. You are going to have to decide on the skill level of your player if playing an entire game to 7 points is going to take too long or you might have to have them play 4 or 5 points to keep the party and tournament going. Since kids are playing I would always have an adult or referee keeping an eye on the game to make sure all house rules are being follow and somebody responsible is keeping score especially if your Air Hockey Table does not keep score automatically. However you decide to keep the tournament going, just try to keep the event fun as you don't want kids to get upset if they lose.

You can also use your Air Hockey Table to have a One Shot Game that is just like at the intermission at Air Hockey Games. They have people come out and try to make a goal from center ice. You can do the same thing on the Air Hockey table with your Puck and Mallet. Each kid gets one shot to hit the puck into the goal. Then whoever gets it, get a prize. Make sure you let everyone get a shot to hit the puck in the goal. If more than one person gets in, then those two kids can have an additional shot to see how the winner is.

At the end of the party you can have an award ceremony where you should have everyone get a prize for coming which would be in the form of a treat bag. You then can give special recognition to the kid who won the Air Hockey Table competition and also the One Shot competition.

Air Hockey Party Favors-

You can give away goodies bags with hockey puck chocolate candies, team pencils, team stickers, team photos or playing cards. Also have little medals for all of the participants of the party in the treat bags.

Have a great time using your Air Hockey Table for a birthday party of just the hockey team get together. And remember Air Hockey Tables are not just for kids!

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