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Do you know the misunderstanding of the use of solid wood dining table?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-29
With the development of the times, more and more families choose solid wood dining table, the main material of solid wood dining table is of course solid wood. If you put a set of solid wood dining table and chairs at home, it not only reflects the noble identity and status of the owner, but also highlights the elegant taste of life. Improper use can damage the appearance of the furniture and even shorten the service life of the furniture. However, many people fall into various misunderstandings in the process of using solid wood dining tables. 1. The placement of the dining table When buying a solid wood dining table home, the first thing to consider is the placement of the dining table. Places that are often exposed to direct sunlight, air conditioners, and stoves should not be placed on dining tables, which may easily lead to cracking and deformation; also pay attention to wet corners, as it will cause solid wood tables and chairs to swell when wet. Correct approach: solid wood tables and chairs should be separated from the wall by 5 to 10 cm, and should be ventilated; the placement should be stable, if it is often in an unstable state, it is easy to cause local loosening; when moving solid wood tables and chairs, do not drag and pull hard, it is necessary The two of them lifted it up and put it down together. 2. In order to heat insulation and prevent marks, many people will cover the solid wood dining table with a layer of tablecloth, glass, pvc tablecloth, etc., which protects the dining table to a certain extent, but also reduces the use of solid wood dining tables. quality. If nothing else, it loses points in terms of aesthetics. Correct method: recommend the crystal pad, put it on when you use it, and remove it when you don't need it. It is also crystal clear and compact, practical and beautiful. 3. Flatten the table legs When the floor of the dining table is uneven, we are influenced by traditional habits and will use wooden boards, iron sheets or bricks to pad the bottom, but even if the table is flat, due to the unbalanced force, it will Damage to the internal structure of the dining table. Correct method: decorate the ground, or use a larger area of u200bu200bhard plastic board to achieve the purpose of laying the four legs of the dining table flat. 4. Reuse the rag Sometimes we will be lazy to reuse the dirty rag, which will only cause the dirt to repeatedly rub on the surface of the table, and the reverse will damage the bright surface of the table. Correct method: When cleaning and maintaining the table, be sure to first determine whether the rag used is clean. When cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to turn it over or use a clean rag before use. 5. Improper handling of oil stains When oil stains appear on the solid wood dining table, many people will use alcohol and other liquids for cleaning, thinking that this cleaning method is more thorough, but they do not know that this will cause damage to the finish of the dining table, especially for those treated with lacquer. dining table. Correct method: In addition to oil stains on wooden furniture, residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent. Apply it on the furniture, then spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe it, and finally wipe the corn flour. Corn flour can absorb all the dirt adsorbed on the furniture surface, making the paint surface smooth and bright. Compared with the plate-type dining table, the solid wood dining table is healthier and more environmentally friendly, which is in line with the concept of people pursuing a green home. For furniture, on the one hand, we must enjoy the experience of use, and on the other hand, we must know the correct use method to prolong the service life of the furniture as much as possible.
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