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Do you think your table tents are getting weak?

by:Modern Century     2021-03-22

Below are a few simple tips that should see your table tents become more attractive to your customers and hence more powerful.

1. Using crisp high resolution full color photographs: Images are a powerful force indeed, even on table tents. If your table tents seem to be lacking in powerful images, then maybe it is time to invest in using crisp high resolution photograph on them. Especially for restaurants and bars, using the best quality images of food and drinks for table tents can more than assure you of getting sales from the table tent. The more real, appetizing and beautiful the image looks the better people respond. So make sure that you use the best possible camera with the best possible photographer to get the best high resolution images that you can have for your table tent design.

2. Printing larger table tents: Size also matters in table tents. The bigger the table tent is, the more noticeable it is. So if you think your current table tents are small, you might want to increase its dimensions by 1/3 or so. The bigger dimension should make the table tent more impressive. Take note however to not print a table tent that is too big as to hamper the people eating at the table.

3. Adopt the use of 'power' words: Power words are also crucial in the success and strength of a table tent. Using words such as 'New','Hot' and 'House Favorite' should always illicit glances from your customers to the table tent. These key words basically relate to the customer's wants. So make sure you use them to your advantage.

4. Consider different inks and materials: Another good thing to make your color table tents more powerful is to add something different in terms of inks and materials. One good example of this is to use glitters and metallic inks to make the table tent a little bit more brilliant. This extra feature should make your custom table tent more distinctive and appealing to customers.

5. Creating table tents beyond standard specifications: It is also possible to print table tents beyond standard specifications. You can print them in different shapes if you want to make them more interesting. Heart shaped table tents on valentine's day and Christmas Tree shaped table tents in December will always be noticed and will most definitely be read. With just a little bit of investment in customization, you can illicit great reactions from your customers with them.

6. Try adaptable table tents: Finally, for a truly useful and powerful table tent, you can try using adaptable table tents which you can change easily depending on the situation. You have for example, a table tent with a main course image at the front and a 'new dish' on its flip side. You can use the 'new dish' image first in the morning on through the afternoon. Come dinner time, you can just flip the table tent on its other side to display the main course. These adaptable style table tents can easily give you the flexibility you need to match your table tent promotions with the current customers at hand.

Great! Hopefully, you have learned something important in making table tents. It should be easy enough to make these improvements to make your table tent printing more powerful and effective at sales. Good Luck!

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