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Dongguan Cane Chair Factory Modern Century tells you the maintenance of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-30
Modern Century, a rattan chair factory in Dongguan, said that after many people bought rattan furniture, it didn’t take long for them to have problems. They were either directly broken, dirty, or damaged. They began to complain: No It is said that rattan furniture can be used for more than ten years or even decades. I have been scrapped in only two years? This can only show one problem: these people have not paid attention to repair and maintenance! So, how can rattan furniture be repaired and maintained? When it comes to the knowledge of rattan furniture maintenance, it is actually about the maintenance methods of this type of furniture. First of all, the furniture for this type of material should not be placed in direct sunlight. Because the direct sunlight will cause the raw materials of rattan furniture to fade and dry out. In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun will easily cause rattan furniture to deform, bend, crack, and break. Therefore, avoiding direct sunlight is the first principle of rattan furniture maintenance.   Avoid fire sources    Then, since this kind of furniture is relatively flammable, it is necessary to avoid getting close to the fire source, which may easily lead to safety accidents. Not only that, but also because of the method of making rattan furniture, there may be dust and small debris in many dead corners of rattan materials. If you want to do a good job in the maintenance and cleaning of rattan furniture, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the rattan furniture before cleaning, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth.  Dirt treatment  Finally, you should know that any rattan furniture should be treated with light salt water to remove dirt after a period of use. Such rattan furniture repair and maintenance treatment methods can not only enhance the flexibility of rattan furniture, but also achieve a thorough cleaning and maintenance effect. It is best to use sandpaper to polish the rattan furniture after cleaning, and add a layer of varnish that meets the requirements after polishing to achieve the best protection for the rattan furniture.  Scalding treatment  Hot cups and plates are placed directly on the paint surface of the furniture, leaving a circle of scalding marks. Generally, just wipe it with a rag dampened with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea, or use iodine to gently wipe or apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the scalding marks; wipe the scalding marks with a rag every two days. eliminate.   The maintenance knowledge of rattan furniture has always been the focus of many rattan furniture users. There are many styles of rattan furniture on the market, which can not only match various modern interior decoration styles, but also make people feel the concept of green and environmental life. So when you buy, you can match your own room style, size, location, etc., and then choose the rattan furniture that you are satisfied with according to your personal preferences.
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