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Dongguan furniture factory interprets the misunderstanding of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-16
The professional engineers of Dongguan Furniture Factory will show you what misunderstandings people have about rattan furniture? Misunderstanding 1: Rattan furniture is only suitable for summer. Many people think that rattan furniture is more suitable for summer, so they will choose to buy rattan furniture when the weather is hot. In fact, rattan furniture itself has the function of 'warm in winter and cool in summer'. It is not only suitable for summer, but also suitable for autumn and winter. A colorful cushion on it can reduce the damage to rattan furniture and is more visually pleasing. . Walking into the space where the rattan furniture is arranged, you will feel like spring all year round.  Misunderstanding 2: Rattan furniture is difficult to take care of.   Rattan furniture is actually not difficult to take care of. Compared with fabric furniture, it is even easier to clean. Fabric furniture has to be disassembled and assembled when cleaning, while rattan furniture can just take a wet rag. Rattan furniture in the past may have left the impression that it is difficult to 'serve.  Misunderstanding 3: The price of rattan furniture is high. Among the furniture of the same grade, the price of rattan furniture is much higher than that of other furniture because they use different materials. Brand manufacturers generally use imported Indonesian rattan, which is hand-heated and customized by professionals, and reinforced to make the basic shape of the product. You pay for what you pay for. Although it is more expensive, it is still worthwhile from the perspective of environmental protection, health and craftsmanship.   Misunderstanding 4: Rattan furniture is too simple.    Rattan furniture has always given people a simple feeling. However, the current rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in its shape, changing the image of the simple and awkward in the past. Many rattan furniture have smooth and soft lines, luxurious and comfortable shapes, and are quite heroic and elegant, so that rattan furniture is not only simple and natural, fresh and refreshing, but also full of modern and fashionable characteristics. Misunderstanding 5: Rattan furniture is easy to break. At present, most of the rattan furniture on the market use rattan imported from Indonesia. This rattan belongs to the woody family. The growing area is sunny and rainy, so it is more durable and has low sugar content. Not easy to be eaten by insects. And with the improvement of the production process, the flexibility of rattan furniture is stronger and the anti-moth ability is improved. Unless it is deliberately broken, the problem of fracture is generally impossible.   Have some people been shot? These misunderstandings are touched by many people. They are quite common, but it does not matter. Now start to keep these misunderstandings in mind, use and maintain the rattan furniture correctly, and correct the knowledge.
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