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Dongguan furniture manufacturers introduce rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-16
Modern Century, a furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, introduced that rattan-like furniture has been transformed, and people are pursuing a return to nature and advocating nature today. Going to the forefront of fashion again, attracting more and more people's attention. Lightweight and cool, with nature's natural amorous feelings, it brings a hearty coolness, very suitable for summer use. Fresh and natural rattan furniture, whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom, has a natural flavor and can bring a hearty coolness. 'Fashionable' has entered the forefront of fashion, and now the eyeball economy seems to have the upper hand. Vine furniture infused with fashion elements has completely faded the original and low-key image. The posture is like field vegetables after the delicacy of mountains and seas. Popularity is elusive.    If Are you still wondering if you can sit on it? When you see a perverse wicker chair in your friend’s house. You are still worried about scratching your clothes, then you really have a bit of “earth” fashion and personality dominating value. In the concept, the ornamental value of furniture is likely to be higher than the value of use. Maybe your friend bought it just to 'show off' his alternative and unique taste. Rattan furniture can definitely help him achieve his goal.    both rigid and soft, because of the vine The impression of plants is not a single boring twists and turns. Unlike other hardwoods, vines, like people, have strong plasticity. Therefore, the rattan furniture under the modern technology packaging is highlighted. The color of the rattan furniture is also more obvious. Rich, light yellow, red, green, brown, and white and green are very pleasing to the eye. It is understood that the ivory white rattan furniture that was just launched during May 1st this year is also attracting attention because of its pure color, elegant and noble. According to professionalism. According to people, when choosing imitation rattan furniture, you should pay attention to the color matching. When the space tone is dark, the color of rattan furniture should be brown and dark brown. The color of the cushion or table decoration cloth should be similar. But not too deep colors, such as light brown, coffee; light-colored home space, you can choose neutral colors or other colors of rattan products, with more fancy colors, bright colors of cushions or cloth decorations.
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