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Dongguan furniture manufacturers tell you the advantages of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-17
According to Dongguan furniture manufacturer Modern Century, rattan furniture is divided into real rattan and imitation rattan furniture. According to the place of use, it is further divided into indoor rattan furniture and rattan furniture. Real rattan furniture is loved by customers, but it is expensive and inconvenient to maintain and cannot be used. The rattan-like furniture can be used for a long time due to the use of PE rattan-like materials and UV protection. So it is more favored by Westerners.   Summarize the advantages of Dongguan Furniture Modern Century’s rattan furniture as follows:    1. Environmental protection, rattan is handmade, without any pollution; PE rattan material is easy to obtain, and the production process is environmentally friendly and controllable. However, real rattan materials are scarce, and the processing process requires multiple processes such as washing and painting, which not only causes serious pollution, but also has hidden dangers in production safety;    2. Imitated rattan furniture is a leisure product (living in a relaxed and leisure environment is what people pursue and yearn for. Goal), returning to nature is the tireless pursuit of people in modern cities;   3. Leisure rattan chairs, rattan sofas, rattan flower pots, rattan hanging baskets, etc. are artistic, highly ornamental, and can be used as art decorations;   4 .Imitated rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is more seasonal than leather and fabric furniture;   5. Rattan furniture such as rattan chairs, rattan sofas, etc. are very durable, and if properly maintained, they generally have a service life of 20-30 years;   6. Upgrade, preservation, collection value, new materials combined with traditional handicrafts, long life;   7. Rattan furniture is easy to maintain and can be washed directly with water;   8. Traditional rattan craftsmanship, never out of date; combined with European and American fashion, improved craftsmanship  9. Rattan furniture improves the living environment, improves the quality of life, reflects the owner’s taste in life, and has the advantages of cultivating temperament;   10. Rattan furniture is more in line with the modern pursuit of a low-carbon environment and green life, full of natural flavor , Quiet and indifferent.
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