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Dongguan hotel furniture introduces different types of rattan tables and chairs

by:Modern Century     2021-10-13
Dongguan Hotel Furniture Modern Century introduces, the hotel tables and chairs, provide guests with intimate rest anytime, anywhere. Various styles of tables and chairs are constantly advancing with the times as the hotel demands. Several rattan tables and chairs collected by the editor in this issue add color to the layout of the hotel.  Simple and modern U-shaped rattan chair   This leisure furniture is woven with a tangled bamboo and rattan structure. Connecting weaving bamboo and rattan finishes makes this U-shaped rattan sofa combination full of artistic style. The rattan tea table is made of super toughened glass and designed with circular principle, which is safe, firm and beautiful.   classic earthy yellow rattan-like tables and chairs    earthy yellow classic color, elegant and dignified design, the leisure space is filled with warmth and romance. The warm rattan color, elegant and connotation, is like being in a paradise. The rattan is woven purely by hand, and the craftsmanship is exquisite, which determines the texture and comfort of the entire sofa. The weaving is delicate and tight, beautiful and durable.  Drum round rattan leisure table and chair   Fashion and humanized design, comfortable and smooth lines, novel style, full consideration of ergonomic comfort. Hand-woven, environmentally friendly PE rattan, high-quality pipes, high-quality guarantee. Free combination, free collocation, do whatever you want, allowing guests to enjoy leisure time comfortably.   Plum Blossom Combination Leisure Table and Chair    The table is made of plum blossom shape, 4 chairs are placed around the table like plum blossom petals. This plum blossom combination leisure table and chair is suitable for occasions such as hotels, cafes, gardens and courtyards. The curvature and height of the backrest of the chair are in line with the comfort of the human body, meeting the best needs of the hotel for leisure.  Leisure woven rattan table and chair   Imported PE rattan, the thickness is consistent, the surface is smooth and delicate, and it is easy to maintain and easy to clean. The anti-ultraviolet material is added inside the PE rattan, which can stay below the bad environment for a long time without being corroded, deformed or broken. The rattan is sleek, bright and light, which makes the leisure weaving rattan table and chair more comfortable.  Fashionable black leisure table and chair   High-end black, simple and smooth lines, and a design that conforms to the curve of the human body, integrates the inside and the outside, bringing unparalleled comfort. Exquisite craftsmanship means that every detail is so impeccable, it is a perfect combination from the outside to the inside, and the humanized comfort is in it.   noble and rich gold leisure tables and chairs    elegant colors and gentle texture, summarize the comfort and perfection of modern furniture into a simple and elegant. Coupled with a simple and atmospheric square coffee table, enjoy every moment of leisure time in the hotel or coffee shop. The tempered glass table top is smooth and clean, not fragile, anti-falling and heat-resistant!    pastoral style rattan woven tables and chairs, the entire leisure table and chairs, modern spatial structure, empty outdoor leisure environment, creating a transparent, bright and lingering long-distance artistic conception. The rattan knitting surface is very flat and smooth, and each piece is carefully woven by hand. The tables and chairs are stylish and novel in shape, and they look good regardless of whether they are placed indoors or outdoors. They are sun-proof and waterproof.
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