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Dongguan hotel furniture manufacturer Modern Century talks about furniture design

by:Modern Century     2021-10-27
Dongguan hotel furniture manufacturer Modern Century said that as furniture, it also produces an important element of outdoor space. Compared with ordinary furniture, he also takes on the role of urban landscape. Its publicity and communicativeness reflect another form of his role. We can think of it as a particularly important component in the overall furniture. For furniture, our common outdoor rest tables and chairs are part of the urban landscape facilities.   There are also many differences in the types of furniture design. At present, furniture has become a new fashion, it is full of leisure and relaxation in people's lives. For those who need to decorate their new home, consider the design of furniture, which can cater to a kind of rural life. In the selection of types, Dongguan furniture manufacturer Modern Century gives the following explanation.   There are currently three directions in furniture design.   The first category is furniture that can be permanently fixed. This type of furniture includes wooden pavilions or tents, solid wood tables and chairs, and even iron wooden tables and chairs. When selecting materials, we must pay attention to its corrosion resistance, and its weight is also one of the key factors.  The second type of furniture is completely movable, like a West Rattan chair or a Teslin chair, etc. Such tables and chairs can be moved, so most of them can be folded. We will put it when we need it, and we can take it back to the home once we don't use it. Therefore, comfort and practicality are the main design direction of this type of furniture. In addition, for this type of furniture, we don't need to consider the problem of firmness and corrosion resistance, and we can completely decorate the fabric according to personal preferences.   The third category is similar to the second category. It is a kind of furniture that is easy to carry, like a small dining table or a dining chair. The production is made of aluminum alloy, which is characterized by light weight and portable belt. The direction of this type of furniture design is to focus on outdoor play, fishing and other activities. In addition, you can also bring other furniture such as barbecue grills or tents, which can be more comfortable.   After reading the above content, do you have a deep understanding of furniture design? We design any object with a certain purpose or original intention. Otherwise, the things that are made have no application value. With the improvement of people's living standards, furniture is bound to become a unique landscape.
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