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Dongguan hotel furniture manufacturers sort out six furniture decontamination tips

by:Modern Century     2021-10-14
Modern Century, a rattan chair factory in Dongguan, organized 6 furniture decontamination coups for everyone.  Egg white cleaning method  It has been a long time, and the dirt on the white leather sofa at home is particularly stubborn and headaches. At this time, you can take an appropriate amount of egg white, dip it in a cotton cloth, and repeatedly wipe the dirty surfaces of leather products such as leather sofas. This method is particularly effective for cleaning leather products, and the egg white has a certain polishing effect, and the leather will show its original luster after use.  Toothpaste cleaning method  The white paint on the surface of the furniture will turn yellow over time, and it seems very unfresh. You can use a cloth dipped in toothpaste or tooth powder to wipe the paint. The color of the paint can be rubbed, so as not to wipe the paint off and damage the surface of the furniture.   In addition, there is dust on the furniture, don't use a feather duster or the like to sweep it. Because the flying dust will fall on the furniture newly. You should use a semi-dry and semi-wet rag to wipe off the dust on the furniture so that it can be wiped clean.  White vinegar cleaning method   Use an equal amount of white vinegar mixed with hot water to wipe the surface of the furniture, and then wipe vigorously with a soft cloth. This law applies to the maintenance of mahogany furniture and the cleaning of other furniture contaminated by ink stains.  Beer cleaning method   Take 1,400ml of boiled light beer, add 14g of sugar and 28g of beeswax, mix thoroughly, when the mixture cools, dip a soft cloth into the wood wiper. This law applies to the cleaning of oak furniture.  Soap cleaning method   Every time the wooden furniture should be cleaned, you can use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub it with mild soap and water. After it dries, paint it with furniture wax to make it bright.  Milk cleaning method   Use a clean rag to soak in the expired milk, and then wipe the table and other wooden furniture with a second rag to remove dirt. Finally, wipe it again with clean water, which is suitable for a variety of furniture.
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