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Dongguan Modern Century tells you what to do if rattan furniture is eaten by insects

by:Modern Century     2021-10-20
Dongguan Modern Century rattan furniture introduced that rattan furniture is a big enemy for them in the winter in the north, because there is a heating system in the home in winter in the north. If the rattan furniture is placed close to the heater, the rattan furniture will easily become brittle and tough. Deterioration, it is easy to be deformed near the heater, especially some parts glued together, when near the fire or heater, it will shake. The cross-section of the rattan furniture is covered with fine ducts, so the rattan furniture has sufficient moisture, but the rattan furniture with too much moisture will become soft, loose in structure, and the sitting surface will sag, and it is easy to breed in the woven mesh. Mildew.  The advantage of rattan furniture is that if it is deformed by damp, it can be fixed to its original shape with something and placed in a ventilated place to air-dry it can return to its original shape. Therefore, when rattan furniture is damp and sagging, you can think of ways to lighten it, and support it cleverly and evenly, so that it is not a problem to restore it to its original appearance. Because rattan furniture has a lot of moisture, it is easy to attract insects. So what should you do when you find that the rattan furniture in your home is moth-eaten? Both pepper and hot pepper can be used to kill insects. It is mothproof and does not cause great damage to rattan furniture.
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