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Dongguan original rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century introduces the beauty of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-24
According to Modern Century, the original rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, the original rattan furniture is also a kind of rattan furniture, mainly made of more natural and environmentally friendly leather rattan. The fashionable and simple style is very popular among consumers of all ages. The texture is tough, The exquisite shape, especially the creation of the new Chinese Zen style, is deeply favored by consumers nowadays.   Rattan is a common vine plant in life. In our impression, rattan can be used to make furniture, but it is generally a simple furniture used in farm life, and it is difficult to be elegant. In the current furniture store, the common furniture is solid wood, board and board wood furniture, and rattan furniture is indeed uncommon. So, is the fate of rattan furniture only in the countryside?    In fact, the current rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in shape, changing the crude and clumsy image of the past, using smooth lines to mix and match with modern furniture making materials, keeping it While being simple and natural, it satisfies modern aesthetics. At the Shanghai Pudong International Furniture Fair in September 2017, rattan furniture can be described as a clear stream. It stood out among furniture made of panels, solid wood, fabric, metal and other materials, leaving a deep impression on the visitors-the original rattan furniture can be Such beauty, especially the color and texture of the rattan, exudes a strong pastoral atmosphere, giving people a relaxed and happy feeling, which is very suitable for this fast-paced era.  Rattan furniture is fresh and natural, with good air permeability, strength and toughness. In addition, rattan furniture is easy to obtain and has a wide range. The family members used to weave rattan furniture mainly include broad rattan, soil rattan and wild rattan, bamboo rattan, white rattan, red rattan, palm rattan, etc., which are environmentally friendly and reproducible. A piece of rattan material can be used in different parts of furniture after processing. From the point of use, it can be divided into stent material and braided material. Before use, the scaffold should be treated with anti-corrosion, moth-proof and crack-proof treatment. In addition to bamboo, steel pipe, rattan, wicker, plastic, etc. can also be used to make brackets. Woven material is mainly rattan. Rattan can be processed into rattan, rattan core and rattan bark, and the part used for weaving is rattan bark. Next, take a look at the refined beauty of different styles of rattan furniture.
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