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Dongguan rattan chair factory decrypts the rattan chair in the eyes of an ordinary person

by:Modern Century     2021-09-29
According to Modern Century, a rattan chair factory in Dongguan, when speaking of rattan chairs, my mind naturally came up with the scene of my grandparents lying on a rattan rocking chair telling me stories when I was young. An ordinary and simple wicker chair bears so many beautiful memories. As time goes by, I have grown up, and my grandparents are also old, and the rocking chair, although it looks worn out, is getting brighter and brighter.   The rattan chair mentioned here refers to the real rattan rattan chair woven from natural plant rattan, not the PE rattan rattan chair. When I was young, I didn't have much idea about wicker chairs, just ordinary chairs. Now that I have grown up with a broad vision and rich knowledge, I know the extraordinary characteristics of rattan chairs.  The rattan chair is woven from natural plant rattan. It is lightweight and generous, fresh, natural and environmentally friendly. The densely interwoven rattan, simple and refreshing, is the atmosphere of the countryside and the call of nature. In addition, the paint sprayed on the wicker chairs is environmentally friendly paint that is pollution-free, tasteless, and harmless. Therefore, the wicker chairs are natural and environmentally friendly as a whole, which is better than many other furniture.   Many people think that a wicker chair is nothing. What is not to sit on? How can you go to the sky by being a wicker chair? In fact, wicker chairs are warm in winter and cool in summer. Now it is hot summer. Let's take summer as an example. The first time I sit on it, I feel a little bit cool. This is not the point. The main reason is that the wicker chair is woven from rattan, so it is very breathable. Now many people insist on not using the air conditioner in summer for health. Even a fan, you need a rattan chair at this time, which is not only cool but also breathable, and the body dissipates heat quickly. If that kind of leather chair is not breathable at all, it makes people feel hotter.   Finally, I will give you some tips on using wicker chairs. Please criticize and correct me if there are any shortcomings. The first is the wicker chair you just bought. Don’t wear silk clothes to sit on, because there may be some small burrs. This is not a quality problem, but a “sequelae” left over from polishing. Difficult to deal with. People who are diligent should use a cotton rag to wipe more. People who don’t have time should sit and sit more. It is best to wear jeans like material. After sitting for a long time, all the burrs will be worn off naturally, and the wicker chair will also be worn away. The one I just bought is slightly dim to brighter. Also, everyone should pay more attention to it. Do not touch the wicker chair with sharp objects. If you smoke, avoid burning cigarette butts. Do not put the wicker chair in a damp place or in the sun. It is best to put it in a dry and ventilated place, occasionally in the sun. The sun is ok, not long-term exposure. Another problem is that the wicker chair has been used for a long time, because the pores are too difficult to take care of. At this time, you can wipe it with a damp cloth, and the dust in the pores can be cleaned up with a soft brush. After using it for a period of time, you can wipe the wicker chair with light salt water to help prevent brittleness, insects, and mildew.   Take a wicker chair, make a pot of tea, listen to a piece of music, and enjoy a leisurely time, isn’t it beautiful!
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