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Dongguan rattan chair factory teaches you how to buy rattan rocking chairs

by:Modern Century     2021-09-29
Modern Century, a rattan chair factory in Dongguan, is here to show you how to buy rattan rocking chairs. First, depending on the material, the quality of the rattan rocking chair is also divided into good and bad. The rattan rocking chair should be thick, long, well-proportioned, and free of variegated colors. This is also a high-quality rattan; and inferior rattans will be thinner. The toughness is small, the tensile strength is small, and it is easy to break. Indonesian rattan is the best rattan quality, with full texture, well-proportioned color and excellent toughness. Second, look at the color of the rattan, carefully observe whether the overall color of the rattan rocking chair is consistent, whether the bonding parts are firm, and whether the overall shape of the rattan rocking chair is correct; if the rattan rocking chair is equipped with a cushion, you also need to look at the arc between the cushion and the furniture Whether the position is consistent, the softness and comfort of the cushion and the breathability of the cushion, the thread and dental floss for sewing the cushion, whether the pattern stitching on the surface is neat and so on.  Third, look at the overall structure of the rattan rocking chair   carefully observe whether the appearance of the rattan rocking chair is upright and stable, whether the joints of the various components are perfectly spliced, whether the lines are smooth, and whether the overall design fits the curve of the human body.
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