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Dongguan rattan chair manufacturers say that the rattan chair design is scientific and ergonomic

by:Modern Century     2021-09-29
According to Modern Century, a rattan chair manufacturer in Dongguan, rattan chairs are made of various chair frames made of coarse rattan, and various chairs made of rattan leather and rattan core rattan bars, such as rattan stools, rattan circle chairs, and rattan master chairs. In modern times, PE rattan is also used to make rattan chairs. Compared with real rattan, PE rattan is easier to shape rattan chairs.   Rattan chair certainly has its indispensable functions. It has a wide range of applications and high frequency of use. It is indispensable not only in home life, but also in public entertainment venues, offices, etc. A good wicker chair, its visual beauty and functionality are complementary, from any angle, it is as perfect as a work of art, and it can decorate the space at home, and in the process of using it, it is even more perfect. Very comfortable.  The design style of the rattan chair must not only correspond to the times, but also ensure comfort. Seat height, seat depth, seat back, material, etc. are all factors that ensure comfort. The height of the seat should be equal to the length of the calf. After sitting down, the calf sags naturally and the sole of the foot is just on the ground. The depth of the seat surface should be equal to the length of the thighs, and the bend of the knee joint should be just to the edge of the chair after sitting down. The inner support of the chair should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of elastic layer. The materials in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant, and should not easily generate static electricity with the human body or clothing. The back of the chair should support all or part of the waist, back and neck.   Now you know! Wicker chair design is very scientific!
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