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Dongguan rattan craft lamp decoration embellish your comfortable life

by:Modern Century     2021-10-08
Dongguan Modern Century rattan furniture introduces, rattan lighting is becoming the new favorite of home decoration in the new decade. Nowadays, the style of home is more and more diversified. As a part of the home, the lamps and lanterns have more and more thousands of possibilities. It's no longer just a tool for lighting.   Rattan is a very popular material, and the rattan woven handicraft lighting is closer to nature in appearance and texture, making people and the space feel like returning to nature. No matter in terms of material, shape or function development, there are changes at a rapid rate, and there seems to be a story behind each lamp, and each lamp seems to tell an emotion.  The lighting made of rattan is a desire to get close to nature, to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, to create a quiet place at home, and to have close contact with nature. In the concise and natural atmosphere it creates, one can't help but recall fragments of past relaxed and casual life, and naturally indulge in the vine scenery, vine fragrance, vine sound, vine feeling, and vine meaning.   Rattan woven lighting itself is a piece of arts and crafts, which is both beautiful and practical. In addition, the mottled light of various colors screened out by it will create a very special atmosphere in the room.   The hollow rattan chandelier woven from rattan, exudes warm tones and makes the home full of romance and warmth. The rattan chandelier can be installed in the bedroom and living room at home to enjoy every bit of romance, warmth and touch in the home.
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