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Dongguan rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century explains in detail rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-04
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, introduced: Actually, our first reaction to rattan furniture is classical, which has a profound cultural heritage. This is precisely because of the long history of rattan furniture. Perhaps we would think that rattan furniture is mainly concentrated in the homes of the elderly. Rattan chairs, rattan sofas, and rattan beds reflect the atmosphere of the times, but this is not all. Now more and more designers are making rattan furniture. Incorporated into modern furniture design, today we will take a look at rattan furniture.   One is the materials.  The rattan in rattanware is the main ingredient. The vine is a spiny palm and climbing plant that grows in the tropical rainforest. The vine is beneficial to the natural environment and even the entire ecosystem during the growth process. It can adapt to degraded forests and poor soil, but also Without disturbing the original ecological structure and balance in the natural forest, it is very important for the recuperation and restoration of forest resources.   The rattan has a firm texture and strong toughness, combined with its poor thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, so it can easily be used in furniture manufacturing.   Rattan can be biodegraded. Because the internal texture of the rattan is looser than solid wood and has a longitudinal capillary channel, the daily breathing function of rattan furniture can also help absorb indoor dust, harmful gases and other decoration pollutants.   The second is classification.   First is the classification of rattan materials. The rattan of rattan is also different from rattan. Rattan is divided into native and imported vines. The best vines are those from Southeast Asia. The vines are divided into agate vine, jade vine, sweetheart vine, tofu vine and so on. Different types of rattan are suitable for making different rattans, some are suitable for weaving, some are suitable for loop back, and some are suitable for skeleton.   is the classification of rattan utensils again. Rattan is divided into whole rattan and rattan wood. The former is that the frame and decoration are all made of rattan, which is suitable for some rattan chairs, all rattan shoe racks, all rattan crafts, etc. The whole rattan is characterized by lightness and dexterity, and the style is lighter; the latter is more inclined to some large furniture or special designs The wicker chair is usually made of solid wood and decorated with rattan woven art. Like some rattan wooden chairs, rattan wardrobes, rattan sofas, rattan beds, etc., the style is more heavy and the style is more elegant.  Three is the culture of rattanware.   In China, the unique gift-giving culture has left its mark on every aspect of life. In the gift-giving wisdom of the ancients, the top rattan utensils also occupies a place. One is because of the unyielding and unyielding spirit of vines in nature; the other is that vines are homophonic, and the meaning of Tengchong's soaring is self-evident. Therefore, rattan utensils are a good choice for sending leaders and elders.   Finally, and most importantly, the ecological function of rattan.   Let alone the various haze and sandy weather in nature, the pollution of single indoor decoration is a problem that can never be avoided. The formaldehyde and synthetic rubber materials during decoration, the so-called detritus-synthesized solid wood furniture from unscrupulous merchants, and the low-quality hazards of artificial leather furniture are often filled indoors and surrounded by people who are invisible. In fact, we are chronically committing suicide. The rattan is made after cooking, drying, bleaching, mold proofing, disinfection and sterilization. It is light and tough, naturally breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer. For the rattan, the materials are natural, and there will be no pollution from synthetic materials; the other is the texture of the rattan itself, which can absorb a lot of harmful gases and fine particles in the air. You can create a natural and fresh green vine world in the room.
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