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Dongguan rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century teaches you how to buy rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-06
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, said that the materials used for high-quality rattan furniture are exquisite. The quality of the material determines the quality of rattan furniture. Therefore, when purchasing rattan furniture, it is necessary to observe the 'face' and 'color'. You can refer to the following five methods when purchasing rattan furniture.   distinguish the new and old rattan    the pros and cons of rattan has a great influence on the quality of rattan furniture, so you must look at the texture of the rattan when purchasing. The high-quality old rattan has a hard texture, strong flexibility, and looks consistent from end to end. The thick rattan has uniform color and no dark spots, full and no cracking, and has good pressure resistance, full elasticity and no broken branches. Wrinkles on the surface of the rattan may be processed from young and tender rattan, which has poor toughness and low strength, and is easy to break and corrode.   In addition, since rattan furniture is basically hand-woven, it is necessary to carefully check whether the rattans are evenly woven and whether the joints of the rattans are tightly connected during the selection process.  Look at the rattan production area  Rattan furniture is mostly made of natural rattan. There are many types of natural original rattan, which are widely distributed all over the world, especially in the tropical rain forest areas of Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. Among the many rattan producing countries, the rattan produced locally in Indonesia not only has many varieties and large yields, but also has strong, full, well-proportioned rattan and excellent quality. When choosing rattan furniture, you can pay attention to where the raw materials are produced.  Look at the appearance of gloss  You can follow the light to see if the surface gloss of the rattan furniture is even, whether there are spots, different colors, and traces of insects. For rattan chairs with seat cushions, carefully observe whether the arc of the seat cushion matches the arc of the furniture, whether the fabric patterns are neatly spliced, and whether the dental floss is smooth and straight.   Touch the surface feel   Wipe the surface of the furniture with the palm of your hand again, and feel the smoothness of the surface of the furniture without the feeling of getting your hands pierced, indicating that the quality of the furniture is better.  Check the stability of the frame  When purchasing a rattan home, you can hold the edge of the furniture with both hands and shake it gently to check the stability of the furniture frame.
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