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Dongguan rattan furniture manufacturers say rattan furniture is closer to nature

by:Modern Century     2021-09-30
The person in charge of Modern Century of Dongguan rattan furniture said that he was tired of home decoration and wood art; tired of the icy faces of reinforced concrete, leather sofas and fabrics; the traffic and lights that made people follow blindly were too enchanting and too flashy. , I want to change my style and mood. Nowadays, rattan furniture has shaken off the coat of 'Cinderella'. It is leading a new round of fashion in the furniture market with its practical, artistic, and collectible characteristics. The soothing and flexible rattan, the wood texture, and the artistic effect full of texture, satisfy the sense of belonging of modern people. It is a psychological symbol to find a sense of home. It is not only a space for rest, but also meets people's needs for pursuing humanistic values. , To meet people's needs for the doctrine of the mean. Rattan furniture products have fully considered the relationship between its stretch and human body structure in the shape, so you can see whether it is the appearance design, the internal structure, and a variety of materials, all bold innovations, and the rattan is presented. The multi-dimensional space of the main line is amazing. You can feel that it is presented freely according to the laws of beauty, and you can also feel that it is a practical and humanized tool, and it is very freehand, like calligraphy, that exudes interest everywhere. The changeable curves and delicate patterns make the aesthetic sight constantly jump. In this line of chasing, you play the direction of the growth of Chinese culture and open up such a surprisingly joyful space for you.   Rattan furniture, an outstanding feature is the strong flavor of the scrolls, which is unique among the small rattan craftsmen, which has especially won the favor of Chinese and foreign consumers. The rattan furniture design inherits the mature ideas of the ancients, cites a large number of characteristic corners, and makes your aesthetic sight alive in the chase.   Rattan Wood Home combines the solid personality of solid wood and the soft nature of rattan into one, making the two more artistically integrated and closer to nature.
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