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Dongguan rattan furniture manufacturers tell you how to match rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-03
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, tells everyone that the current rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in shape, changing the simple and awkward image of the past, using smooth lines and modern furniture production materials to mix and match, while retaining the simple and natural characteristics. , To meet the modern aesthetic. So how to match the rattan furniture?    If the rattan furniture is not matched, it may not have any effect alone, but if you use a mix of different styles of furniture, the effect can be very prominent. Next, Xiaolin teaches you how to use rattan furniture to match a fresh literary beauty home!    1. In the Nordic style mix rattan Nordic style decoration, add rattan furniture, and at the same time match with soft furnishings of green plants, cotton and linen, and imitation wool. Add a natural and relaxing atmosphere.  2. Southeast Asian style mix rattan    The furniture full of Southeast Asian elements (wood, rattan, bamboo) is combined with modern design, and the soft outfit with ethnic patterns makes the whole space lively and full of exotic customs.  3. Wind mix rattan furniture    After reading the above cases, I believe you will notice that the best match with rattan furniture is undoubtedly green plants. If you have a large balcony at home, you might as well put a rattan hanging chair on the balcony with a few pots of green plants to create an exclusive leisure space.   The main rattan furniture matching styles introduced by Dongguan rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century are the above three categories. You can match them accordingly, follow the conventions, or play freely, as long as you can achieve your own satisfactory style.
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