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Dongguan rattan furniture manufacturers tell you the misunderstandings of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-03
According to Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, the growth of rattan is very common in the South. Because of this, most southerners prefer rattan furniture.   However, due to the constraints of the environment and climate, most consumers think that rattan furniture can easily cause breakage, moth-eaten, etc. in a dry environment. In fact, consumers have fallen into a misunderstanding. ?  Misunderstanding 1. Rattan furniture is only suitable for summer?    Many people think that rattan furniture is more suitable for summer, so they will choose to buy rattan furniture when the weather is hot. In fact, rattan furniture itself has the function of 'warm in winter and cool in summer'. It is not only suitable for summer. In the bleak autumn and winter, entering a room decorated with rattan furniture will give you a feeling of spring all year round. ?     Misunderstanding two, rattan furniture is easy to break?     the improvement of the production process, also makes the rattan furniture more flexible and mothproof. The current rattan furniture, unless it is broken artificially, generally will not break. ?     Misunderstanding three, rattan furniture is difficult to take care of?    Rattan furniture is actually not difficult to take care of, compared with fabric furniture, it is easier to take care of. Cloth furniture has to be disassembled and assembled during cleaning, while rattan furniture can be wiped with a wet cloth. ??    Misunderstanding Fourth, the price of rattan furniture is high?    Rattan furniture is handmade by professionals and customized, and reinforced to make the basic shape of the product. The more complicated the process, the higher the price. Because of the traditional hand-made, rattan furniture reduces processing pollution and energy consumption, and it is a veritable green furniture.
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