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Dongguan rattan furniture Modern Century introduces the classification of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-07
Dongguan rattan furniture Modern Century introduces rattan furniture refers to furniture made of rattan as the main substrate. In order to improve the comfort of man and machine, the rationality of structure, and the appeal of modeling, it is supplemented by wicker, reed, rush and other plants. Stems, as well as wood, bamboo, metal, plastics and other materials, due to the limited rattan resources, in recent years plastics, resins, composite materials and other new materials with rattan characteristics have been widely used in rattan furniture.  Rattan furniture can be roughly divided into the following four categories   1. Original rattan furniture Original rattan furniture refers to furniture that is directly woven and processed without special treatment on the appearance of rattan. It has a strong rural atmosphere, fullness, and visual tension. 2. PE and PVC imitation rattan furniture due to the limited resources of high-quality rattan materials, plastic imitation rattan materials came into being. Its sizes and styles are diverse, the colors are rich and changeable, the surface texture is rich, the products are malleable, washable, and not easy to mold. , Does not contain toxic substances, anti-ultraviolet and anti-bad weather environment, etc., this kind of furniture products have long service life and high comfort.  3. Seaweed furniture The seaweed surface has a clear uneven surface, full of lively and warm, fresh and elegant taste, warm and soft color, magnificent and gorgeous outline, and noble atmosphere.  4. Rattan style furniture refers to furniture that is similar to strip or thread materials and is completed by weaving. It is also the general term for rattan furniture, with diverse styles and strong artistic sense. With modern people’s pursuit of individualization, differentiation, and original ecological home furnishings, rattan furniture has become more and more popular in the young market. Rattan furniture full of modern flavor, fashion and nobility, and traditional skills has gradually changed people’s perception of rattan furniture. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up and buy a piece of rattan furniture of your own.
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