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Dongguan Rattan Furniture Modern Century introduces the necessary rattan furniture at home

by:Modern Century     2021-09-27
Modern Century, a brand of rattan furniture in Dongguan, introduced: People have paid more and more attention to diversity and individualization when adding furniture indoors. Therefore, furniture with different materials and styles has become a hot product. And rattan art is one of them. What exactly is rattan art? The so-called rattan art is actually furniture woven with rattan, which can be used and viewed, and it is quite comfortable to use in summer!   藤 is A natural material, compact, strong, light and tough, not afraid of squeezing, not afraid of pressure, soft and flexible. Nowadays, the rattan furniture that people love is mainly made by bending bamboo and rattan. Many techniques such as 'drumIt changed the simple and rough frame of the past, and made rattan into a variety of unique and beautiful furniture, ranging from boxes and lamps to beds, tables, and sofas.  The rattan living room furniture is the most perfect and most styled rattan furniture. A set of beautiful and comfortable living room furniture made of rattan cores is soft, delicate and smooth. The shape and color strive to be simple and show the beauty of craftsmanship; the dining room furniture pays attention to the combination of structure and color, using thick rattan chairs, The table is full of the atmosphere of the times, giving people the feeling of being strong and round, and it is also very convenient to move; the study furniture is often beautiful and fresh, with upholstered rattan seats, comfortable to use, and matching with simple small bookshelves and floor-to-ceiling book frames. Harmony and coordination.   It takes a lot of effort when choosing accessories for rattan furniture. With dark rattan products, the jewelry is best to use the same color, such as light brown, beige or light brown. Of course, it can also be matched with bright and bright fabrics, which has a strong Southeast Asian style. With light-colored rattan furniture, white ornaments will make it more pure; or with lively and bright cushions and cloth decorations, it is elegant and calm~~~   In terms of color, the rattan is mostly in dark brown, brown, beige, etc. Mainly, it is a color that is easier to match. If you are not buying a complete set of furniture, it is best to match the color of other furniture in your home. For example, for dark space tones, dark brown or brown rattan furniture should be chosen. Light-colored rattan furniture is more suitable for light-colored furniture spaces.   Rattan crafts are relatively hand-woven compared to furniture made of other materials, so there are fewer unhealthy factors.
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