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Dongguan rattan furniture Modern Century teaches you how to place rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-28
Dongguan Rattan Furniture Modern Century said that in addition to its practicality, the designer emphasized more on its artistry, which has become a veritable fashion furniture. Throughout the major furniture markets, the current rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into the following categories: outdoor furniture, such as gardens, small round tables, back chairs, recliners, etc. on the side of the veranda, and swing sofa armrests full of leisure. The chair is a lot of fun; the living room furniture is the most perfect and the most styled rattan furniture. A set of living room furniture made of red rattan core is delicate and smooth. The shape and color strive to be simple and show the beauty of craftsmanship; the dining room furniture Special attention is paid to the combination of structure and color, which fully reflects its luxurious and elegant artistic characteristics. The five-piece and seven-piece thick rattan chairs and tables are novel in shape and full of contemporary flavor.   In addition, the small rattan ornaments are also in various poses. The rattan table lamp has a unique shape, soft light, warm and elegant. The rattan chandeliers are simple yet monotonous, harmonizing with the natural style of modern decoration. In modern homes, a few pieces of rattan furniture are occasionally displayed, which are beautiful and traditional, revealing a bit of simplicity in fashion, reflecting the owner's style and taste. In terms of color, the colors of modern rattan furniture are poetic and picturesque, silver-gray tranquil, bronze romantic, red-brown calm, dark green mystery, crystal clear, smooth and round. More lacquer with transparent color maintains the unique style of the rattan itself. The naturalness and simplicity it contains makes it natural for people who are tired of the bustling and noisy cities to find the feeling of comforting their souls. At present, the most well-known brands of Tengqi in China should belong to Yitengju, Mingtengxuan, and Jade Tengqi.
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