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Dongguan rattan furniture Modern Century tells you the cleaning and care methods of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-25
According to Modern Century, a rattan furniture factory in Dongguan, because rattan furniture is particularly susceptible to damp and deformation, it cannot be washed directly with water! After washing, the rattan furniture will have a certain amount of water storage capacity in the depth of the mesh, and the expansion force caused by dampness. It will support the mesh surface of the furniture and make it hang down. Therefore, the cleaning of rattan furniture must be handled carefully.   Brush away the dust, use a small vacuum cleaner and a brush to best.    Primary color rattan furniture is popular with people for its 'returning to the simple and true' temperament, but the practice of not painting it also makes it easy to accumulate dirt. Do not wipe back and forth with a damp rag when cleaning, because it lacks the protection of the paint surface, the only function of the damp rag is to turn the dry dust into a large stain on the rattan. So using a vacuum cleaner or a dry towel to dust the dust from the inside out is the first step. You can also use a clean bed broom, feather duster, brush, etc. Homemade hard cleaning tools If rattan furniture has a lot of dirt, which is mixed with the oil and sweat secreted by the human body, and it is deposited deep in the mesh surface and it is not easy to clean, then we may need a brush and removal tool that is harder than a writing brush. NS. We might as well cut off the inverted bristles on the front of the discarded toothbrush and turn it into a small brush with more concentrated tufts; you can also cut the bristles of the paint brush in half and turn it into a small brush, shaped like a nail polished nail. The brush is also a handy tool to deal with the dirt deposited in the mesh.  Even if the stain is heavy, choose the cleaning agent carefully.   Do not use cleaning solvents that damage the surface of rattan furniture. Doing so will eclipse rattan furniture. The remaining cleaning solvent adheres to the depressions on the mesh surface, which is like putting a 'plastic garment' on the rattan, which hinders its normal breathing, increasing its brittleness and decreasing its flexibility.  The best cleaning agent recommends pure natural light salt water. After the rattan furniture is used for a period of time, dipped in a small amount of light salt water to wipe, it can not only decontaminate but also maintain its flexibility, but also has a certain effect of preventing brittleness and insects. Dip a brush or brush with baking soda, soap, or trisodium phosphate solution can also help remove stubborn dirt. It is best to dry wipe twice at the end to remove the stains completely. For white rattan tables, coffee tables and rattan chairs, after cleaning with soapy water, baking soda or trisodium phosphate solution as a cleaning agent, remember to dip a brush lightly and apply white vinegar to prevent alkaline cleaning. The agent remains on the white rattan furniture, causing it to turn yellow and discolor. Original color rattan furniture stain removal method If the original color (unpainted) rattan furniture has become very dirty, just sanding with sandpaper is not enough to make it look new, it is better to remove the local stains and paint again A layer of varnish is a good way.   When removing stains, first use colorless oil paint to pile up the stains, and then remove them with a small oil paint spatula after ten minutes. The pile-coated oily paint can not only absorb the stains, make the dirt easy to remove, but also help not to damage the natural luster of the rattan furniture surface when removing the dirt on the surface.
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