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Dongguan rattan furniture Modern Century tells you the past and present of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-28
Dongguan Rattan Furniture Modern Century introduced that when modern people hear about rattan furniture, they will combine with the impression of the older generation of rattan chairs. They always think it is too old-fashioned or not atmospheric enough. In fact, the current rattan furniture is not just the old-fashioned furniture of the older generation, but incorporates many fashion elements, which not only embodies the classic rattan art, but also joins the elements of current trends. So today, let’s talk about rattan furniture, which combines natural, modern, fashionable, and primitive characteristics. my country has a long history of the development and utilization of rattan. According to previous reports, before the Han Dynasty, high-foot furniture did not appear. People used furniture for sitting and lying on seats and couches. Among them, there were mats made of rattan. Kind of seats.   'grandma's old rattan chairIn the midsummer night, enjoying the coolness on the old wicker chair, watching grandma shake the big pu fan, listening to her 'tell the ancients   Rattan material is widely used in furniture, chairs, couches, seats, cabinets, storage baskets, etc. are all available. In recent years, rattan mats have been favored for their physical properties such as moisture absorption, heat absorption, natural ventilation, insect resistance, and resistance to deformation and cracking.
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