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Dongguan rattan furniture tells you what is the effect of old paint

by:Modern Century     2021-10-03
According to Modern Century, Dongguan rattan furniture, among the traditional furniture in my country, mahogany furniture is the most well-known, but in fact, in traditional furniture, there are many different materials of furniture also widely spread, but for some reasons, It seems very low-key. Rattan furniture is one of the ancient furniture types in China. In today's society, rattan furniture is already well known by people. Until today, rattan furniture has high practical value.  In the contemporary furniture market, the development of rattan furniture is extremely rapid, and great development has been made in terms of the type, structure, shape, technology and product trade of rattan furniture. Rattan furniture is a high-end furniture integrating art, technology, materials and practical value. The following editor will introduce one of the characteristics of rattan furniture-the antique effect of rattan furniture. The old paint effect of rattan furniture:    rattan furniture is polished and colored by hand, and then a unique paint baking technique is used to carefully create an irregular, faded peeling effect on the surface of the rattan furniture, making the surface of the rattan furniture The texture is more prominent, giving a strong sense of classical beauty.
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