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Dongguan rattan hotel furniture Modern Century tells you the types of rattan

by:Modern Century     2021-10-02
Dongguan rattan hotel furniture Modern Century introduces, rattan is a woven handicraft and practical products made from the skin and core of rattan plant stalks. All kinds of rattan furniture and handicrafts, exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite style, are the reasons why many people fall in love with it.   There are more than 5000 varieties of rattan weaving, mainly including rattan, rattan mats, rattan weaving parts, rattan furniture, etc., which are lightweight, cool and durable.  ①The rattan is a fabric-like semi-finished product made by woven rattan leather into a long length. The specifications are 37~89cm long, with different patterns and can be cut at will. It is mostly used for interior decoration.  ②Rattan seats are divided into primary colors and secondary colors, including bed seats, square seats, pillow seats, large seats, sofa seat covers, and hand baskets.  ③Rattan furniture, including tables, chairs, sofas, stools, beds, cabinets, coffee tables, boxes, screens, etc., among which rattan chairs have the largest output. There are also dragon and phoenix chairs, peacock chairs, plum chairs, orchid chairs, dining chairs and so on. Since the 1980s, large rattans have been woven directly into large rattan furniture, such as dining chairs, tables, screens, cabinets, etc. The style is simple and rough, full of natural taste and contemporary flavor, and is very popular in the international market.  ④ Rattan woven items, including household utensils, toys, decorations, etc., such as shopping baskets, jars, boxes, lamp holders, mirror shelves, bookshelves, teacup sets, flower pot sets, and toys such as frogs, pandas, and elephants.
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