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Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory introduces people's wrong understanding of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-10
According to Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory, rattan furniture is an ancient furniture in our country, due to the limitation of the source of raw materials and technology. Rattan furniture full of pastoral style is particularly popular with people, but many consumers have mistakes in their understanding of rattan furniture. Let’s take a look at what people do when there is no one in rattan furniture?    Misunderstanding 1: Rattan furniture only Suitable for summer. Many people think that rattan furniture is more suitable for summer, so they will choose to buy rattan furniture when the weather is hot. In fact, rattan furniture itself has the function of 'warm in winter and cool in summer'. It is not only suitable for summer, but also suitable for autumn and winter. A colorful cushion on it can reduce the damage to rattan furniture and is more visually pleasing. . Walking into the space where the rattan furniture is arranged, you will feel like spring all year round.  Misunderstanding 2: Rattan furniture is difficult to take care of  Rattan furniture is actually not difficult to take care of, and it is even easier to clean compared to fabric furniture. Cloth furniture has to be disassembled and assembled when cleaning, while rattan furniture can just take a wet rag. Rattan furniture in the past may have left the impression that it is difficult to 'serve.   Misunderstanding 3: Rattan furniture is too simple.    Rattan furniture always gives people a simple feeling. However, the current rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in its shape, and has changed its past simple and clumsy image. Many rattan furniture have smooth and soft lines, luxurious and comfortable shapes, and are quite heroic and elegant, so that rattan furniture is not only simple and natural, fresh and refreshing, but also full of modern and fashionable characteristics.
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